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kate cotton french pear scented stack with free oil -marbled linen

kate cotton french pear scented stack with free oil -marbled linen

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The delightful Kate Cotton 4 Piece Scented Stack comes with a bonus French Pear Fragrance Oil that captures the sweet scent of caramelized pear and jasmine with a touch of vanilla and honey. Perfect for placing in drawers or tucking behind pillows to add a warm and inviting aroma to your home. Revitalize your scented sachets, potpourri, or diffusers with this fragrant oil when the scent begins to fade. Get ready to indulge in this scrumptious fragrance!


Tuck into linen drawers or other enclosed spaces.

Top up scent with Kate Cotton Fragrance Oil once scent fades

Sachet Fabric: Ethically sourced Cotton/Linen fabrics

Ingredients: Vermiculite, Parfum

Fragrance: This fragrance is Vegan ,Paraffin Free, Phthalate free, UV inhibitor free and animal testing free

Warning: NOT FOR CONSUMPTION. Keep products out of reach of children



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