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aroma electronic diffuser - black

aroma electronic diffuser - black

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Welcome to our newest member of the home fragrance family! Our sleek, black electronic diffuser is not only handy for dispersing lovely scents, but also doubles as a stylish decor item. Thanks to nano spray technology, it even helps combat dry air while creating the illusion of a "flaming" ambiance with its cool steam. How cool is that?


Model: LC305

Input: DC 5V 1A Type-C USB

Power: 5W

Material: ABS/PP

Quality Inspection: Qualified

Executive Standard: GB/T23332-2009

Dimensions: 19cm wide / 12cm high / 8cm deep

Colour Options: Black with black lid or White with white lid

Ensure unit is not switched on when adding water and fragrance. 

  • USE
  • Place unit of stable surface, open the lid, add 300ml room temperature water. ( Max fill line is indicated in the unit)
  • Add 3-5ml of selected fragrance oil. ( 5 drops if using essential oil )
  • Close unit lid.
  • Connect the cable to a USB supply.
  • Press the button located under the flame window, this is continuous mist mode. ( warm yellow flame light on)
  • To change the colour to blue, while in continuous mode, hold the button for 3 seconds.
  • Press the same button to switch the unit off.
  • Only use on a stable flat surface.
  • Do not wash the unit, gently rinse out the water cavity after use ( only when swapping fragrances) tap dry with paper towel.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight.
  • Keep safely away from children.
  • If some of the contents are spilled, clean up immediately with a paper towel, as the fragrance content may damage wood / cement surfaces.
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