The Ultimate Training for Aspiring Home-Industry Brand Ambassadors with Roberta Alessandri


Who are these fabulous young models?

At Home-Industry, we believe in supporting young talent and giving them the opportunity to shine. That's why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of five talented teens and pre-teens from the Roberta Alessandri Models Model Club. These girls, aged between 10 and 20, have already achieved great success in pageants, adverts, and fashion shoots. And now, we're here to help them take their careers to the next level!

What does our sponsorship entail?

Roberta Alessandri approached us to provide product to enable them to train their aspiring models in brand ambassadorship, sponsorship etiquette, and professionalism. We gladly accepted the opportunity to assist them on their journey. As part of our sponsorship, the girls will be responsible for promoting and sharing the footage (videos and photographs) taken of them. We believe in their potential and want to help them reach new heights in the modeling industry.

What have we sponsored for these talented individuals?

Home-Industry has generously sponsored a range of items, valued at over R1000 per girl, to support their modeling careers. These products are all available on our website, The items come packaged in our signature eco-friendly craft box, complete with tissue paper and shredded paper inside, making the unpacking experience even more exciting!

Our sponsorship includes:

  • Stylish ponytail cap and Kate Cotton Resort earrings accessories to enhance their wardrobe
  • 2 pc Stone Roller & Gua Sha Set Face Roller - This Facial Tool for skin care and relaxing facial massage.
  • Kate Cotton Vintage Inspired Scented Sachets in two fragrances , French Pear and the new Peony and Rose.

  • A travel Jewellery box and swimming costume bag

  • A tasty Wedgwood Nougat treat from our online Pantry

Why do we support these young models?

At Home-Industry, we believe in empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. By sponsoring these talented young models, we are investing in their future and helping them build a strong foundation for success. We want to see them thrive and become role models for others in the industry.

So, keep an eye out for these rising stars! With our support and their incredible talent, there's no doubt they'll make a big impact in the world of modeling, and a big thanks goes to Roberta Alessandri Models whose brain child this is. We're excited to see what the future holds for them!